Security Theatre

Talk by Morgan Hill (pcwizz) (he/him) 👩‍👧

Saturday from 4:10 PM - 4:40 PM in Stage B

We will take a peek behind the scenes at the technology used in performing arts venues in order to asses the cyber security implications and how we can address them. A modern performing arts space is no longer several independent systems providing show elements such as light and sound, but rather an IP network fabric delivering the desired elements flexibly around the venue and sometimes beyond. As a community we have gathered a good understanding of designing reasonably secure networks and protocols I would like to apply this knowledge to the unique demands of a theatre. If you often find yourself distracted by the coordination of the light fixtures rather than the performance this talk is for you. Or may you just like designing networks and learning about interesting protocols. I previously covered Audio over IP in a talk at MCH2022: In the interest of transparency I am partially employed (and was previously fully employed) by Holoplot a professional audio company that principally sells network based loud speakers. I'm also a freelance security consultant. However, I'm doing this talk purely in a personal capacity and all thoughts an opinions expressed are my own not those of any employers, clients, or customers.

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