How to make a puzzlehunt

Talk by Sarah Binney (she/her) 👨‍👦‍👦

Friday from 6:10 PM - 6:40 PM in Stage B

What do semaphore, octopuses, Scrabble, rotary telephones and Microsoft Paint have in common? If you've been to previous EMFs, you might recognise these as some of the themes for our puzzles! We are Dreamcat and we are a group of friends who made our first puzzlehunt for EMF 2018 and haven't stopped since. We love the combination of escape room, treasure hunt, video game, and just a dash of immersive theatre. We want to share that enthusiasm with you, talk about our top mistakes from the last 6 years and what we learned, and hopefully inspire you to go make your own puzzlehunts. Come along to learn: - How to co-opt serious IoT tools for frivolous escape room purposes - Why Portal is still the best video game ever made - How hard, actually, is “too hard” - Exactly how many paperclips were harmed in the making of this year's experience No spoilers for this year's puzzlehunt. Unless you come talk to us at the bar after.

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