Vieon - an audio-visual electronica experience

A performance from EMF 2018 by Vieon

On Saturday September 1, 2018 at in Stage B

VIEON is the electronic musical project of Matt Wild, based in Coventry, UK. Expanding to a live three-piece including sound engineer Stephen Dorphin and VJ Adrian Brian Thompson, their sound is inspired heavily by the 70s and 80s European art electronica pioneers (Jarre, Moroder, Kraftwerk), combined with the more recent influences of contemporary synthpop artists (Royksopp, Justice) as well as infusing aspects of dance, post-rock and ambient music.

The VIEON live show is a complete audio-visual event, using not only banks of synthesizers and samplers but also unusual visual instrumentation including vocoder, keytar, theremin and live projected technology and science-fiction inspired visuals including live webcam feeds of what's happening onstage.

VIEON have raised their profile dramatically throughout 2015-17 with a series of engaging live audio-visual shows famed for their ambitious scope across the UK and beyond, playing their first overseas gig to a rapturous reception in Copenhagen in September 2017.