Why The World Needs A Vagina Museum

A talk from EMF 2018 by Florence Schechter

On Friday August 31, 2018 at in Stage C

There is a penis museum, but no vagina equivalent. There's only one way to change that: Make one. Join the Vagina Museum as they talk about why we need one, their experiences researching vaginas, vulvas and all parts related, what would go in a museum about the gynaecological anatomy and the wonderful and strange reactions encountered whilst making the world's first physical vagina museum.

The museum will have four permanent galleries: science, culture, society and history. The science section will cover topics from the anatomy to health, menstruation to menopause, contraception to consent, sexuality to gender identity. The culture collection will showcase the anatomy in the arts and their contribution to the discourse about our genitals, for example The Great Wall of Vagina or The Handmaid’s Tale. The society gallery will explore genitals’ place in society, e.g. religious rites surrounding menstruation, the practises of FGM, of which over 200 million people are living today suffering from, sexual violence and how these cases are dealt with in court. The history gallery will contain objects relating to the history of gynaecological medicine, contraception, menstrual products and sex work.