Building inclusive makerspaces

A workshop from EMF 2018 by Em O'Sullivan

On Sunday September 2, 2018 at in Workshop 1

Makerspaces are awesome! But unfortunately it's not always easy for people to access them. Women, BME (Black and minority ethnic) people, people with disabilities, older people, and people on low incomes are often under-represented in makerspaces. In the first part of this workshop I’ll share some of the ways that makerspaces are managing to include people from these groups. Then I'd love to hear your stories about any successes and challenges you've experienced with building inclusive and diverse makerspace communities. Even if you don't have any success stories, if your makerspace hasn't been able to spend much time on engagement, or if you're not even involved in makerspaces but are curious about technology engagement issues, you're welcome to come along!

After EMF I’ll turn the information crowdsourced during the workshop into a zine so that other makerspaces can benefit from this advice :)