Special Presentation: Hackers (12)

A performance from EMF 2018 by EMF Film Festival

On Saturday September 1, 2018 at in Stage C

Celebrating the first UK release of Hackers in blu-ray format, we are proud to present this classic on the big screen in full HD.

Jake Davis, now having left his alter-ego hacktivist ‘Topiary’ behind, will introduce the film, discussing the impressions it made on him and his peers as the lines between technology fact and fiction became ever more blurred.

1995 cult-classic Hackers has gained a loyal following over the years, emerging as the best amongst the glut of 1990s hacker-culture movies. Its influences may not be immediately apparent, but characters such as Zero Cool and Acid Burn left a lasting impression on young minds.

Costumes are encouraged, although rollerblading in a field can be challenging.