Build a rocket

A youthworkshop from EMF 2018 by Adam Greig

On Friday August 31, 2018 at in Youth Workshop

Build a simple solid-fuelled model rocket from scratch!

We'll provide card templates and all required materials, you cut and stick the rocket together and then decorate it to taste.

Assembling the rocket is straightforward and as they're all made from white card/paper there are plenty of options for decoration or modification. We'll provide some stickers, felt tips, glitter, etc, but feel free to bring your own too!

Suitable for young children with some supervision. The build involves mostly scissors and tape, one step involves hot glue which requires adult supervision. Feel free to contact us beforehand if you want to check suitability: / extension 2440.

This workshop is also running as a main workshop on Saturday if you can't attend the youth workshop on Friday.