How to use a moddable hacking game as a tool for digital activism: a modding workshop

A workshop from EMF 2018 by Rich Metson

On Friday August 31, 2018 at in Workshop 1

Following on from Rich Metson's 2016 talk 'Off Grid: a game about circumvention tech and hacking,' this workshop is for anyone who wants to come and learn how to mod 'Off Grid' - a hacking game about surveillance and data privacy - and make their own levels and hacks!

We'll go over how to useLevelKit to build levels and how to mod or create your own Lua scripts to make your own righteous hacks, devices with abhorrent vulnerabilities, or data types that will alter space-time.

The idea being that players, modders and hackers (many of whom caught the hacking bug by messing around with games in the first place) will be able to use the game to tell new and interesting stories about hacking and surveillance, use the platform to build a dialogue around digital activism through play, create new hacking tools in the game, and who knows even drop a 0day or leak a massive political conspiracy or two for real ;P

Come with a laptop and some unique hacking ideas and Rich will help you with the rest. No previous knowledge of Lua or game development required :D

**If you want to get a jump start on things before the workshop, please download Unity, Steam, and have a read of 'Getting Started with Levelkit' on our wiki:.

You can watch the 2016 EMF talk here:

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