Codes of Ethics for tech: the hip old thing

A talk from EMF 2018 by Catherine Flick

On Friday August 31, 2018 at in Stage B

Codes of Ethics are back in fashion - mostly driven by AI and other scary technology. What's in a code of ethics, and why should you care about it? Go behind the scenes with an ethicist and co-author of the Association of Computing Machinery's (ACM) new code of ethics that affects hundreds of thousands of computing professionals and get some answers to the following: What is a Code of Ethics? Why bother updating the old code, or having one at all? What's the code asking me to do, and why? How can I practically use the code? How did you decide whether something is good or bad, or whether something should be included in the code? What if my boss thinks codes of ethics are for losers? What if I work in the military/security/etc. domain? How is this code different from all the other codes out there? What happens if I break the Code of Ethics?

Bonus, time permitting (or talk to the speaker afterwards): Feel free to bring along an ethical dilemma and see how you might interpret it according to the new Code!