Chainmailling for beginners

A workshop from EMF 2018 by Christopher Wells

On Saturday September 1, 2018 at in Workshop 3

A.K.A Man Knitting 101

From a length of wire into some hand crafted jewellery/belt/strap, chainmaille shouldn't be difficult, or elitist. There are many resources out there, and many things to try. It does take a long time to produce a piece, so it's not a cheap thing to purchase, but it should be cheap and easy to practice.

In a couple of hours, I will teach how to make rings from wire, explain aspect ratios for rings, and some basic sheet weaves (E4 in 1, J12 in 2). We will then move on to some chains using the basics of these weaves (Box chain, Byzantine Chain, Helm Chain).

If there is time and/or interest after this, I'd welcome some time looking at specific projects and helping to start those projects off. (Whether it's an idea in advance with a pattern found online, or an idea from someone on the day).