Papercraft Spectrometer

A workshop from EMF 2018 by Linda Polastri, Francesco Forastieri, Enrico Calore, Valentina Rolando

On Saturday September 1, 2018 at in Workshop 1

Using simple recycled materials such as cardboards, old CD-ROMs, pencils and scissors, we will build an hand made Spectrometer that works with any smartphone. We will “extract” the electromagnetic spectrum of known sources, commenting it together.

To build the Spectrometer and process the acquired data, we will use the instructions and the web based software made available by [1,2].

We will complement the experience with various scientific details behind the working principles of such device and what could be investigated with it.

Participants will learn what is light, what is a "color", how a color is associated to the actual light spectrum by the human visual system, details about the color filters embedded in cameras and in particular the physics behind the generation of light from light sources.

We are part of a group founded in 2013 and we studied different STEM subjects and share a common passion for science, technology and dissemination. We recently founded a nonprofit association named NOVA, offering innovative workshops and learning experiences.