How long will it take the beat The Tomb of Horrors?

A workshop from EMF 2018 by graham kitteridge

On Saturday September 1, 2018 at in Workshop 2

The Tomb of Horrors is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed to be almost impossible and a distinct challenge for D&D players. I am going to run a developing session for 5 players at a time. It will continue until all the characters die. Then we'll start again with the next group! It’s likely that the first few groups won’t take too long, and if they stick around to watch further groups they’ll learn more ways of getting to the end.

It will be fun for novice and veteran D&D players, but likely not beginners.

It is thoroughly recommended that you bring some good time spirits, as crowd participation will be encouraged. Booing, Cheering and Drinking are all advised.