Circuit Bending

A workshop from EMF 2018 by Frazer Merrick

On Sunday September 2, 2018 at in Workshop 3

Dip your toes into the weird and wonderful world of circuit bending. Opening up old battery powered musical toys and connecting different parts of the circuit to make new noises...and then jamming with them!

I will provide a selection of battery powered noisy toys for participants to experiment with, but they're also welcome to bring their own too. We'll begin with a short introduction, which will also cover a safety briefing (always avoid capacitors) and some top tips e.g Do not bend anything that you are dearly attached to, or is difficult to replace. Usually circuit bending does not harm your targets, but sometimes things go wrong and you might accidentally fry the piece you are working on.

After everybody has the chance to find the noises within the toy we'll all connect up to the PA system and get everybody jamming together - collaborating through music and digital creativity.