How to Use Digital Tools to Make Clothes and Shoes

A talk from EMF 2018 by Poppy and Jan Mosbacher

On Saturday September 1, 2018 at in Stage B

High Street clothing brands are developing digital machines to replace mass production with mass customisation. They aim to give customers more choice, but still as consumers rather than makers. We will explore how makerspaces could adapt these tools for DIY clothes making and show some of the tools that are accessible now.

Using new technologies, you no longer need to be a specialist to design clothes and shoes that fit perfectly. We will bring examples, including 3D printed sandals, a shoe last and insole, laser cut fabric and 3D printed accessories.

We will also highlight textile related developments in makerspaces including the raspberry pi 3D body scanner scanner we helped design at BuildBrighton, and hope to inspire more people to get involved in shaping new DIY technology.