Soldering, beginner to intermediate synth kit workshop

A workshop from EMF 2018 by Darren Blaxcell -

On Sunday September 2, 2018 at in Workshop 3

A soldering workshop with well-established and tested kits that I design and sell myself. I am a qualified electronic engineer with programming, PCB layout and electronic prototyping experience. This will enable me to help attendees with soldering and troubleshooting during the workshop.

Attendees will be able to follow fully featured step-by-step instructions, including hi-res build photos accessible through the internet on any browser. Care has been taken to make the PCBs easy to assemble.

During the workshop I would like to point out:

- What is a PCB anyway?

- Solder, why are there so many different types? What should I use?

- Soldering best practices and handy tips i.e. how to apply heat and solder to a joint.

- Variations in components and the distinctions between polarised and unpolarised parts.

During the workshop I would like to have attendees assemble one easy kit and one intermediate kit. The easy kit is a classic noisemaker/synth circuit, the mini APC (Atari Punk Console) including a small speaker.

The intermediate kit, which most beginners can handle after soldering the mini APC is a simple 8 step sequencer. The sequencer is able to sequence the mini APC by way of control voltages and gate signals, if all goes well the tent would be filled with people making 8 step musical loops.