How does railway signalling work?

A talk from EMF 2018 by Paul

On Friday August 31, 2018 at in Stage A

Almost everyone has traveled on a train, many commute on them every day, but surprisingly few know how signalling and control systems work.

The speaker will cover (at a very high level), train detection, train signalling across UK mainline and metro (tube) systems. As the UK mostly invented a lot of this stuff, it's applicable worldwide :)

Come and be surprised how not-boring railways actually are (and how you could in theory implement a lot of it with arduinos and raspberry pis)!

Includes stories such as 'You could basically still repeat the great train robbery today, here's how' and 'Can you stop trains with only an ISM band radio?'. The speaker highly recommends none of this is applied in the real world. It would definitely not be a good idea. Please don't. But it's nice to know some technical details at least.

The speaker will assume no previous knowledge and the content is appropriate for all. It would mostly appeal to those who are interested in railways, transport and infrastructure.