Sunny with a Mild Chance of Catastrophe

A talk from EMF 2018 by Sean Elvidge

On Friday August 31, 2018 at in Stage B

The impact of major space weather events are currently being discussed at the highest level of governments and is an active area of research. The potential damage of a solar superstorm to our national economy, communications network and electricity grid is a real threat and must be taken seriously. Such storms can cause the loss of GPS (with many more consequences than just not being able to find the way to EMF Camp), alter the orbits of satellites and could cripple the electricity grids around the world.

Come along to join Dr. Sean Elvidge from the University of Birmingham to explore the causes of space weather, the potential repercussions (and likelihood) of a superstorm and an explanation of the work that is currently being undertaken to understand and mitigate these risks.