Hacking Unicorns - Intro to programming/3D printing

A youthworkshop from EMF 2018 by Andrew Mulholland

On Saturday September 1, 2018 at in Youth Workshop

In this workshop, get hands on with basic programming and 3D printing by hacking together a colour changing unicorn themed headpiece using Adafruit Circuit Playground Express boards and MakeCode.

The workshop will explore 3D printing, followed by getting attendees programming with the graphical drag and drop environment, Microsoft Makecode.

You will program their own light sequences using onboard RGB LEDs (Neopixels) and use onboard sensors to trigger these to light up the 3D printed unicorn horn (attached to a cap on your head).

This workshop has been run numerous times at the Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam and is one of our most popular workshops - https://twitter.com/NIRaspJam/status/977...