Be a Computer! Demystifying assembly language and CPUs

A workshop from EMF 2018 by Jonny Austin

On Saturday September 1, 2018 at in Workshop 3

How does a computer like the BBC micro:bit work? Find out by becoming part of the processor for a few hours! In this workshop, all the participants will be able to be part of a giant micro:bit - teams will race against each other to run different programs, each attendee being a part of the machine. There’ll be a small workshop at the beginning and the end so that we demystify the way computers work and understand what we're all doing.

This is a good companion to other programming workshops because it turns the concept on its head, with the participants running, not writing, programs.

It isn't just about *being* a CPU though, our aim is to optimise one. After running the first program, your team will be able to make changes to the CPU's arrangement and operation to optimise yourselves. If you've ever asked yourself "what does it mean to be part of a 5-stage pipeline?" or thought "Can I try branch prediction today?" then this is definitely the workshop for you. If you don't know what those things are, then this is the place to learn what it means and have some fun.