Making the Mini.Mu, a sewable, codeable instrument for kids

A talk from EMF 2018 by Helen Leigh

On Friday August 31, 2018 at in Stage C

Imogen Heap's MI.MU glove is a gesture based midi instrument. The prototypes have been used by artists across the world including megastar Ariana Grande. Earlier this year Imogen and I met to talk about how inspire the next generation of creative technologists and the result was the Mini.Mu, a glove kit that gets children sewing, wiring, coding and playing a gesture based instrument.

In my talk I'll be chatting about maker education, music tech and the importance of smushing up art and technology. I'll be sharing my experience of taking a rough and ready prototype made in my makerspace through to a real product that you can find in real shops. There will also be a short performance with the glove.