Imperfect VR Workshop

A workshop from EMF 2016 by Michael Straeubig

On Sunday August 7, 2016 at in Workshop 2

We will build fun, quirky and imperfect Virtual Reality experiences with A-Frame ( and Google Cardboard ( A-Frame is a beginner-friendly but capable entity-component framework by Mozilla folks to create VR experiences from markup and code.

Everyone who can slide a smartphone into a cardboard is welcome for this workshop. I will teach the basics and cover some advanced concepts like coding interactions and components with JavaScript. But mostly you will explore and experiment.

After the workshop everyone should have a good understanding to create their own VR worlds in a few lines of markup/code. Imperfect VR: We are not aiming for a perfect reality but will have fun in the virtual. Cheap 3D assets. Blocky textures. Weird sounds. We want to stumble around the EMF campground with smartphones in our faces. Forget VR mainstream. Motion sickness will not be avoided but guaranteed.

The files for the workshop are here:

Imperfect VR is inspired by "Imperfect Cinema" by Allister Gall / Dan Paolantonio ( which is inspired by "For an imperfect cinema" by Julio García Espinosa (

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