Blood, Sweat & Carbon: Our Solar Car

A talk from EMF 2016 by Tobias McBride

On Saturday August 6, 2016 at in Stage A

Durham University Electric Motorsport (DUEM) are the UK's longest running solar car team. We are entirely student led and run, doing this outside our academic studies in our free time at Durham University. Established in 2002, we have been at the forefront of innovation in this field for the past 14 years.

We are the only solar car team in the world to design, build and manufacture every single component. We have a fantastic story to tell about the construction & design of our latest solar car, DUSC2015, which can do 70mph and weighs 200kg. We can give attendees an insight into not just this hut also racing it 3000km across Australia in the World Solar Challenge as we did last October and are planning on returning in 2017.

This is something truly unique and we feel would inspire attendees to think differently about the motoring world and a great opportunity to ask questions to the only solar car team in the world to custom-make every component on their car.

Our goal is to showcase, educate and inspire and we hope to show that to you all at the EMF camp.