Home made hacks to fully registered maker charity.

A talk from EMF 2016 by Rory Gallagher

On Friday August 5, 2016 at in Stage B

Biography in hacks of how we started a maker space charity and community.

I am am a co-founder of Create Space London a now Registered charity, co/working maker space and artist studio.

We established in 2011 with literally no idea of how to do any of what we now know or even really any clue of what was involved, just an idea of the kind of space we wanted to create.

Every step of the way has been a complete DIY hack job that somehow seemed to work, from the very first cut and paste business plan, to using recycled stud wall timber to fit out the space, fabricating an exposure unit from air conditioning making and scrap wood that is now used to run courses, scrapping old CAT5 for cash and refitting it at a profit paying for new plaster board to continue the fit out and more.

This is the story of establishing our organization as told through the series of DIY hacks that now serve over 200 members and is completely financially independent. I would accompany the talk with a series of photographs showing the hacks the selves and other related moments in the space.