Inside the MIT Media Lab

A talk from EMF 2016 by Rebecca Kleinberger

On Saturday August 6, 2016 at in Stage B

Inside the MIT Media Lab, the story behind the photo: In 2013 a small group of student from the Lab were asked to help with the design of a front cover of the FT magazine, the idea was to represent all the facets of the Lab through physical objects. We decided to try our best to represent the all community and during two weeks we explored the Lab meeting new people, discovering their projects and scavenging for physical artifacts. We ended up spelling the title of the article out of physical objects including a DIY air liquifier, the internal mechanism of a robotic underwater anemone, LEGO blocks, a robotic prosthesis, a hyperviolin, a gyroscopically stabilized electric unicycle or a Mobile Social Dextrous robot. Through this story I want to present the Media Lab from my own experience of working there but also explore the notion of the cohesion of such a place behind the happy chaos of a pluridisciplinar and pluricultural community.