Meditation for Hackers

A workshop from EMF 2016 by Sai

On Sunday August 7, 2016 at in Workshop 2

Applied workshop practicing ~5-7 very different meditation techniques and discussing dozens of variants. Will include discussion of the basic mechanisms and instruction on how to customize to your own preferences.

No experience required. Techniques taught include methods that tend to work well for people who find "emptying your mind" difficult.

This will have no religion, metaphysics, "woo", etc — just practical methods. Techniques taught will not be particular to any "school", though people with prior experience will recognize at least one.

Wear comfortable clothing; pee first; turn your electronics off while at the workshop; bring some drink/snack in case you get thirsty or hungry. [If slated outdoors]Bring something comfortable to sit on, as it may be on grass or dirt.[/if]