Digital Medical Imaging - from scanner to screen.

A talk from EMF 2016 by Dave Harvey

On Sunday August 7, 2016 at in Stage B

This talk will follow the progress of an MRI examination from how it is generated in the scanner, through the hospital archive to the users who need to view them. It will include:

1. Details of how MRI images are created using the primary "electromagnetic field", the variable gradient field coils, radio pulses sent and received, and processing via Fourier transforms to generate actual 2D/3D data images.

2. The common standard (DICOM) used by all vendors to attach patient information etc. to the images and to send them to the "Picture Archiving Communication System" (PACS)

3. The process of storing and indexing the images in the PACS, including the challenges of the large volumes of data used.

4. The subsequent options for viewing the images, including simple 2D manipulations and 3D rendering.

Other types of imaging (Simple X-rays, CT, Ultrasound etc.) will also be covered.