Hobby electronics like a pro

A talk from EMF 2016 by Gavan Fantom

On Sunday August 7, 2016 at in Stage B

The world of electronics has changed a lot. Techniques which were once only accessible to the biggest players are now available at low volumes and at low cost. Find out how you can apply modern techniques to your next hobby project and achieve professional quality, all while making it easier to publish your designs.

This talk includes:

* Use of CAD/CAM tools for schematic capture and PCB design

* Techniques for making PCBs yourself

* Getting PCBs manufactured cheaply

* Surface mount assembly and soldering

This talk will not assume prior knowledge of electronics manufacturing or much in the way of electronics design in order to follow the talk. This talk will cater to your curiosity if this area is new to you but will also aim to be informative for someone who is experienced in designing circuits and wants to achieve a slick result.

After this talk you will understand the steps involved in producing a piece of electronics that has a professional look and feel and you will very likely be excited about applying these techniques to your next project, whether it's your first attempt at a simple through-hole design with two components or a densely packed surface mount project.