Penetrating Pandora: Dismantling Dangerous Devices

A talk from EMF 2016 by Calum

On Saturday August 6, 2016 at in Stage A

Taking apart objects is a core part of the hacker experience, but sometimes it can be a game of Russian Roulette if the device is primed and loaded. We love to tinker with electronics, but very few can dismantle a complex and potentially lethal piece of equipment and live to tell the tale. What's the best way to break into a system that both you and the internet know nothing about? What are key points to watch out for to try and prevent a loaded device from being set off? Just when do you give in and call the army to come and take it away?

Get tips from a design engineer, and follow one hacker's journey through the world of dangerous and difficult tech, tearing down devices such as Flight Data Recorders, Geiger Counters, Emergency Positioning Beacons and Anti Submarine Warfare hardware.

Life threatening injuries not included.