Point Of Sale Device tricks: You could…live for free!

A talk from EMF 2014 by Greg Fragkos

On Sunday August 31, 2014 at in Stage A

Nowadays, very few people carry cash for their everyday transactions. Most of the daily transactions are performed by a debit or a credit card using a Point of Sale (POS) device. The device’s temporary storage, the card data, the overall transaction information and the established communication channel to the authorization server are protected by strong encryption and a number of security features. However, these devices have a number of “features” which can be used to allow someone to deviate from payment process in a number of different ways. More specifically, it is possible to complete a transaction without actually being charged, pay with someone else’s card without knowing the PIN or even get paid instead of paying. The presentation will give you a good understanding on how these devices work and it will basically demonstrate a number of “magic tricks” on how you could actually live for free!