Robotics and Computer Vision with MATLAB and Simulink

A talk from EMF 2014 by Owen McAree

On Sunday August 31, 2014 at in Stage B

In this talk I will discuss how to dramatically improve the speed and quality of your robotics and computer vision projects using MATLAB and Simulink to program your Arduino, Raspberry Pi and LEGO Mindstorms.

Firstly, I will introduce MATLAB and Simulink, the industry standard tools used by engineers worldwide to program everything from cars engines to smartphone cameras to spacecraft navigation systems.

Next I will give some examples of how these tools can greatly speed up the development of software for a wide range of low-cost hardware devices. Examples include, getting started with Computer Vision on a Raspberry Pi in only 3 lines of code; Programming an Arduino without learning C++ and modifying your code at runtime; Graphically designing a complex control system for a LEGO Mindstorms robot.


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