Kite-Mapping Part 1

A workshop from EMF 2014 by

On Saturday August 30, 2014 at in Kids Workshop

In this 2-part workshop we will roll up our sleeves and learn about DIY aerial photography using kites: we'll fly a kite, map an area of Bletchley Park, learn how to make a composite aerial photograph using MapKnitter, and learn how to interpret aerial photos, their uses, and examples of how/where DIY mapping has been used around the world (including how this all began during the BP oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010). No prior experience is required. This method is a Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science open source prototype.

In the first part of this session we will gather data flying a kite over Bletchley Park - everyone, young and old, will get to fly the kites and attach the camera to the kite line but not before learning about the technical and safety bits of DIY kite mapping.

In the second part we will learn how to make a map using the images we collect, interpret them, learn about and create ideas about how these can help us tell a story of the spaces we map, whether these be our communities, public space, our schools, natural areas, farms, etc. We will also talk about the ethics of mapping and the relevance of community mapping and activism.

Ages 8+.



<li>a fleece or/and wind breaker</li>

<li>sunglasses (we'll be staring up at the sky a lot!)</li>

<li>sunscreen and/or hat (that won't fly away!)</li>

<li>water bottle</li>

<li>a laptop computer (good to have but not absolutely necessary - we can pair up)</li>

<li>a USB memory stick 4Gb or bigger to store aerial imagery</li>

<li>optional: an SD card (to be sent up in a camera with the kite)</li>


More info on the <a href="">wiki</a>.