Electromagnetic Wave 2013

EMW 2013 was held between and at MS Stubnitz, Canary Wharf, London, UK.

Below you can find a list of talks and workshops. You can find more memories from EMW 2013 on the Internet Archive.

Main Stages

Name Title
James Aylett /dev/fort: You Can Build It In A Week (Even If You Get Caught in a Blizzard)
Mazz Mosley Art of Spinning
Tim Panton Building an Ad-Hoc Cell Network at Burning Man
Jane Charlesworth Catching Bugs with Code: Adventures in Bacterial Genomics
Sarah Corbett Craftivism: A spoonful of craft helps the activism go down?
Tom Lynch Designing the Open Source Vacuum Cleaner
Georgina Voss Engineering Ethics
Tim Hunkin For Amusement Only
Rob Bishop Hacking on Raspberry Pi
Simon Jolly How the Large Hadron Collider Cures Cancer
George Buckenham I Will Explain Some Jokes That Are In The Form of Games
Everyone Indie Games Begin
GMC Mobile Opportunistic Networks
Warren Rockley Physical Security is an Illusion
Vinay Gupta The Hexayurt Project: From Sheds to Designing a Sustainable World
Daniel Saul & Priyesh Patel The Kraken Ocean Drifter
Anne Hollowday The Makers of Things
Kevin Chetty Through-the-Wall Sensing Using Passive WiFi Radar
Benjamin Blundell WebGL & Interactive Storytelling
Rob Miller What's in Your Android?
Simon Willison When Zeppelins Ruled the World


Name Title
Steve Gravell An introduction to the game of Go
Locksport International Introduction to Lockpicking
Mitch Altman Learn to Solder
Codasign Scratch Programming for Beginners