Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sales

By purchasing a ticket you are entering into a contract with EMF Festivals Ltd ("EMF"), and you agree to the following terms.

1. Ticket sale and refunds

  1. Tickets may be resold, but they must not be resold for more than the purchase price. EMF reserves the right to cancel tickets resold in such a manner without notice.
  2. Tickets must not be purchased with automated software. Tickets suspected to have purchased in such a way may be cancelled without notice.
  3. Tickets may not be returned for a refund unless the event is cancelled. EMF may, at its sole discretion, refund tickets before the event begins.
  4. You will not receive a physical ticket; you will be sent an e-ticket which must be presented on arrival.
  5. The event schedule may be amended at any time.

2. Admission

  1. No animals, except assistance animals, are permitted into the festival site.
  2. Proof of age may be requested at the point of entry and at the bars.
  3. EMF may, at its sole discretion, refuse admission or eject a ticket holder without refund for unreasonable or dangerous behaviour, for violation of the Code of Conduct, or for any other reason.
  4. Attendees younger than 16 must be accompanied by an adult who accepts full responsibility for all under 16s attending under their supervision.
  5. All vehicles and personal property brought onto the site are left at the owner's risk.
  6. Cars, caravans, and camper vans require a separate ticket which must be purchased before arrival.
  7. While we endeavour to provide all attendees with a TiLDA electronic badge, it is provided on a best-effort basis and your ticket does not guarantee you a badge.

3. Site rules

  1. Please avoid bringing glass into the festival site where possible.
  2. No fires are permitted on the ground, except in designated areas.
  3. The following items are prohibited anywhere on the festival site:
    1. Weapons
    2. Illegal drugs
    3. Fireworks and other explosive pyrotechnics
    4. Sky lanterns
    5. Discharge-type strobe lights
    6. Generators
  4. You must have written permission from EMF to operate any of the following on the festival site (please ask!):
    1. Amplified music equipment with a power of over 50W
    2. Laser equipment rated higher than class 1
    3. Flame effects
    4. Market stalls or commercial sales of any kind

4. Rental

  1. Rented tents and furniture will be available for use no later than 12:00 on the Friday of the event, although we expect them to be available earlier. Refunds will be issued pro rata if they are unavailable after that that time.

For ticket enquiries, please contact us at tickets@emfcamp.org.

These terms were last revised on 2021-11-11 and apply to all tickets sold after that date.