Carve your own Viking Drinking Horn!

Workshop by Steve Samuels

Sunday from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Workshop 2

Alcohol should be consumed sensibly, and the most sensible way I know how to drink is from a horn! A drinking horn is a great natural and individual drinking vessel, but can be made even more personal with a hand carved symbol or decoration to make it truly unique. In this workshop, you will be selecting the design you will put on your horn, transfer it onto the horn, use a traditional Viking Dremel to carve the design, then polish and paint it to finish off the horn. After this workshop, you'll have your horn to enjoy your beer and mead with for the rest of the festival. So try not to make any holes in it! If you really want to go full Viking, then more Viking stuff will be available from SkullVikings at the Cyber Viking village.

Attending this workshop will cost £30 Standard horn (More options available)
Suitable age range 15+ (or old enough to handle power tools)
Attendees should bring A rotary tool if you have one, but not essential

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