Tentman: World Premiere

Performance by EMF Film Festival

Friday from 8:40 PM - 9:10 PM in Stage C

The film made at Electromagnetic Field! Meet Tentman, a tent that escapes the bonds of his pegs and roams free to experience EMF first hand. He dances, drinks, flirts with other tents and shares his strong views on mallets. A fun, kid-friendly 30 minute snapshot of the uniqueness that is EMF. From the director: Tent. Man. Which is it? Tentman is a film created at Electromagnetic Field 2014/2016 by festival attendees. Written by Pascoe Foxell and directed by Alia Sheikh. Edward Linard (Vikings, Madness in the Method) leads a cast of thousands (EMF attendees) for the world premiere of a film that Jonty has described as "WTF?". Tentman Q&A Want to get into filmmaking? Inspired by Tentman? Here’s your chance to put your questions to the makers and cast. Immediately follows the screening.

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