Learn to knit

Workshop by Clare Yarnold

Friday from 4:10 PM - 6:10 PM in Workshop 2

I will teach you to knit from creating the right number of stitches (casting on), knitting enough rows to make a square then finishing the pieces (casting off). I love knitting, and know that when you star some interesting things happen turning what should be a square or rectangle into a distorted triangle. I enjoyed it, so managed to get myself out of this mess to making jumpers, mittens and scarves. If you want to learn to knit book one of my sessions. Each session is for 14 people, and children under 12 need to have an adult with them.

Attending this workshop will cost £7
Suitable age range over 12 (under 12 permitted with a participating, or not participating, adult present)
Attendees should bring n/a

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