icibici workshop: a £20 brain-computer interface for your phone/tablet/etc.

Workshop by Colin Rowat

Friday from 1:20 PM - 2:20 PM in Workshop 3

Build and use the world's first £20 brain-smartphone interface to enter text on your phone by thinking (well, we're getting there...)! This project drops the cost of brain-computer interfaces by using your smartphone, tin foil and a bathing cap in the hope of doing what Google Cardboard did for VR. We explain the theory (steady-state visually evoked potential) behind the text entry app. Now in eight colours! Each icibici workshop is stand-alone: come to one to buy and build your kit; come back to work on the software. iOS users need to register on Testflight. See https://icibici.github.io/site/ for more details.

Attending this workshop will cost £20
Suitable age range Teens and up.
Attendees should bring Please bring your device (with an audio jack), a pocket knife and a small screwdriver.

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