Digital Immigrant // Unapologetic Other // Creative Gypsy

Performance by Lula XYZ

Friday from 10:00 PM - 10:50 PM in Stage B

Sub-Saharan Eritrean by way of London, Lula is a creative enigma, who is carving out a career for herself as a multidisciplinary artist. An unconventional thinker using technology as her enabler, Lula is breaking through “the norm” and liberating artistic expression as a sensory experience. Lula’s personal project is an immersive live performance within an audio/visual installation that takes you on a journey of illegal migration.Lula sings about a lived experience of the past, present and future. Her soulful timbre, which carries the weight of her heritage, enables intergalactic travel. With the support of cutting edge technology, known as MiMu Gloves, she makes levitation through sound waves possible. See her performance at TEDxTeen London August 2017 here::

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