Boiling Nemo - Make your own Internet of Things

Talk by PJ Evans

Friday from 2:10 PM - 2:40 PM in Stage A

In recent history, fish have been relatively untroubled by the Internet of Things, but it was time for that to change. Armed only with a soldering iron, a Raspberry Pi, some JavaScript and ideas above my station, I set about connecting my aquarium to the Internet. Soon, armed with delusions of grandeur, things inevitably spiralled about of control and now my garage door has an API. This talk is equal parts tutorial, inspiration and lunacy as I take the audience through my projects and hopefully dispel some of the mystery of IoT devices, showing how it can be easy to learn and a lot of fun to build. Highlights include a Scottish toilet emergency, an aquarium featuring military-grade security and an extinction-level event in the suburbs of Milton Keynes.

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