How to dispose of a body: a dead interesting talk

Talk by Sophie Lovejoy

Sunday from 3:20 PM - 3:50 PM in Stage A

Most people know that you can have your ashes launched into space, or made into a diamond once you’ve been cremated, but being cremated is far from your only option. From alkaline hydrolysis to freeze-drying, there are many (legal) ways to dispose of a body. Whether you want to nourish fungi, roses, a coral reef or the minds of trainee doctors, your remains could make the world a better place. Why be scattered, when you can leave behind something way more interesting? This session will look at what actually happens in a crematorium and a burial (both traditional and green) as well as some of the more unusual alternatives that are now available to dispose of a body and the controversies that surround them. Please note: if you just can’t live with your spouse any more, or you have a life-long vendetta against someone, this session won’t help you get that sorted out. Seek counselling. Buy a pet. Get out more. But don’t kill them.

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