Realtime Web

Workshop by Ben Foxall

Sunday from 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM in Workshop 1

We’ll cover a number of ways that we can use realtime data in a webpage, looking at XHR Polling, Server Sent Events and Websockets - seeing the capabilities of each approach, and how to utilise them in a browser. This workshop will be code-together; you’ll need a laptop or tablet with a web browser installed. We’ll use a web based IDE to code along (or, automatically sync if you want to observe instead). We’ll create things like: * an animated & synchronised rainbow of colours across our devices * a virtual flock of birds flying through the room * a musical instrument that spans across all of our laptops/phones/tablets * a rudimentary sensor network using our devices to gather data You’ll leave with a better knowledge of realtime web technologies, the things you can do by combining devices, and have everything you need to create your own multi-device interactions.

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