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What we're looking for

At previous events we've had workshops on everything from camera building to paper circuits, deep learning to yarn making, virtual reality to bookbinding, and cocktail making to sim-card hacking. Anything goes!

If you're enthusiastic about it, we are too! You don't need to be a professional or an expert to lead a workshop.

What it's like

We'll give you one of our workshop tents for up to four hours to give a workshop on any subject. Each workshop seats 30 people and comes equipped with a screen and speakers – we can also provide some equipment (such as soldering irons) on request.

Workshops operate on a first-come-first-served basis to prevent problems with people not showing up – they are extremely popular and usually oversubscribed!

Before the event our Speaker Operations team will ensure we can host your workshop. During the event they'll assist you with setup, as well as advising you on how best to run the workshop.

If your workshop doesn't fit well in our workshop spaces we will put you in touch with one of the Villages who may have more suitable facilities, and can publish your workshop in the schedule.


After you submit a proposal, it will be considered anonymously by a diverse selection panel. For more on the EMF selection process, see our guidance.

Your details

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About your workshop

The title and description of your workshop will be made public. You'll be able to tweak these later, but please provide as much detail as you can so we can review your submission.

We have to anonymise these fields before sending them to our reviewers, so please try to avoid including personally identifiable information.

More details

We'll use these details to help us schedule your workshop.

Please let us know if you need a sound system or projector.

If accepted, how much notice do you need? We'll try and give you as much time as we can.

Our workshop tents can accommodate 10-50 attendees per session; if your workshop is smaller than that, you could consider holding it at a village instead.

We're happy to advise on submissions before they are reviewed