Submit a performance proposal

What we're looking for

At previous events we've had bands, singers, DJ's, algoravers, and people playing hazardous home-constructed instruments. We also have a full film track in the evening, and are looking for other forms of entertainment we have yet to host.

This year we'd really love to host bands who play traditional instruments, as well as things that go bleep and bloop – if you're in a string quartet, jazz trio, or a brass band, we'd love to give you a stage.

We're looking for anyone who might like to perform on-stage, on-site, or perhaps even in the bar. Anything goes.

What it's like

We'll give you one of our 800-standing-capacity stages outfitted with an amazing soundsystem for one hour in the evening. If this sounds scary, don't worry – it'll be dark, and our laser-display team can put on a spectacular light show if you want it.

Before the event our team will be in touch to gather your requirements, and on the day our Stage team will be there to assist with your setup and soundcheck.

If your performance does not involve music we can offer you many other areas to perform, and if you are a DJ we have a new area just for you!

What we'd like from you

If you could give us a SoundCloud link or YouTube video of you performing, it'll help with our selection process.

Your details

Please log in if you've already bought a ticket (or had one transferred to you). We will use this address for any questions about your proposal.

About your performance

The title and description of your performance will be made public. You'll be able to tweak these later, but please provide as much detail as you can so we can review your submission.

More details

We'll use these details to help us schedule your performance.

We'll provide a sound system and projector or screen.

If accepted, how much notice do you need? We'll try and give you as much time as we can.

We're happy to advise on submissions before they are reviewed