Volunteer Roles

It takes a wide variety of skills to make EMF happen, it's not all network cabling and designing badges. Ahead of the event, a lot of what needs doing is sending emails and project management. If you've got some spare time and would like to help please do get in touch.

In general we're looking for people ahead of the event who are comfortable with some of the following skills:

  • Project management
  • Supplier management & ordering
  • Web development

We're also looking for people to fill the following specific roles:

Arts & Installations

The Arts & Installations team works with artists and makers to help them bring their work to EMF, reviewing CFP submissions to select the installations which attendees will enjoy, and making sure everything that's needed is in place. They also apply for grants which allow us to provide financial support. Some experience of building large installations would be helpful. Ideally you'd be able to arrive a few days early to help get installations set up.

Music Team

The music team are looking for people to book artists to play, and to look after them once they arrive on site. An interest in music and the ability to remove brown M&Ms are a great help.

Conduct Team

We're looking for people to join the conduct team, which is responsible for enforcing our code of conduct. We need people who can respond quickly to issues during the event, with a small amount of work involved in handling issues before and after the event.

As this is a sensitive role, we're looking for people who are trusted among EMF attendees or similar communities.

Calls for help

Occasionally we'd like to put out a call for help with specific roles. While we'd love to do that with a giant EMF logo beamed into the night sky, we had to settle for a mailing list instead.

You can sign up to be notified here: