Pre-event Volunteer Roles

We're looking for people to fill the roles listed below, please keep in mind that all of them require a time commitment ahead of the event.

Some of the roles are new this year whilst others are portions of previous positions in order to lighten the load on other volunteers

If any of these roles are of interest to you please send an email to and introduce yourself.

If you can't find a role that interests you but would still like to help, get in touch - we'll do our best to find something that you'll enjoy!

The following teams currently need pre-event volunteers:

  • Design - Visual and physical assets across the festival
  • Badge - Electronics and software design for our unique camp badge
  • Content - Organising, outreach and support for talks, workshops & music
  • Logistics - Ensuring things get where they need to be at the right time
  • Null Sector / Cybar - The night-time bar, music venue, and arts space
  • Art & Installations - Organising installations and amazing artworks around the site
  • Volunteering - Managing volunteers, shift sign-up, scheduling, and rewards
  • Tent Team - Helping people new to the event get set up
  • Site Team - Getting the site built

Badge Team

Responsible for designing, programming, and manufacturing the unique electronic camp badge produced for each EMF event. During the event the badge team also hosts workshops on how to use the badge, and assists people with issues.

Firmware developer

Firmware developers build the base software that runs on the badge, generally working in C++/Python and targetting microcontrollers. You do not need to be a professional to help with this role. If you've got any experience with USB protocols such as U2F, CTAP2, CCID, or love cmake, we'd love to hear from you - but this is not required.

Web developer

The badge team web developers work on the online app-store and development support tools so attendees can easily write code for the badge and experiment with other's code. We're looking for people with experience in web frontend technologies, python, and an eye for design & UX.

Design Team

In addition to the flags and beermats that may be familiar from the last EMF, for 2022 the new Design team coordinates with other volunteers across EMF to help ensure the festival looks as cohesive and beautiful as possible, from the website to the wristbands to backgrounds for the stages.

We’ve spelled out a few specific jobs we’d like to recruit for, but if you’d like to get involved in another capacity please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Whatever role you might like to take we’ll do our best to inform and support you, so come and have fun making EMF beautiful!

Inflatable Tentacle Fabricators

A sea-themed festival obviously needs some tentacles! Our prototyper has got us most of the way there with some huge illuminated, animated, inflatable monstrosities, but we need volunteers to take over and take them to the finish line. We’d like you to start from the plans for the prototype, finalise the design, work with our Lighting team on the electronics and controls, and coordinate or carry out production of the final products.

This job would be ideal for two or three makers who live close together and are used to collaborating together. More details here: Inflatacles Recruitment Brief

General Sewists

This year we’re using printed fabric as our main material and will need help to stitch our plans together. If you have a sewing machine and are happy to sew a few metres of bunting, flags and signage in advance of the festival please get in touch.

Individuals or groups welcome, we’ll ship materials to you and arrange collection or delivery of completed items.

General Fabricators

We will want to build some odd items, so if you’re a hands-on fabricator able to get stuck in and solve problems in functional and cost-effective ways please say Hi. The exact list of fabrication jobs are to be confirmed, but if you give us an idea of your location, what skills and facilities are at your disposal and what your availability is like, we’ll contact you if a suitable task comes up.

Logistics Team

During the build-up, event and tear-down the logistics team is responsible for ensuring the right things, including structures, get to the right place at the right time.

Logistics Team Second

Work with the logistics team lead and the site team handling suppliers, deliveries, and ensuring things end up where they should be before, after, and during the event.

Cybar Team - (NullSector)

The team who built Null Sector in 2018 are doing something else this year, and looking for people to make it even better. All these roles will be working with the team to build a consistent look and feel for the area.

Graphic Designer

Someone to take charge of the visual aspects of the area and make sure the set is authentic by providing consistent signage, posters, logos, videos etc.

Pre-Build in London

We are looking for people who can spend time helping with all kinds of making and building in Battersea, London, from now until the event. They should be able to travel to the workshop and ideally be able to spend full days (though less is also useful). Tasks range from gluing and nailing wood, painting, cutting and wiring, sanding, screwing and more.


We’re looking for some people who know which end of drill to hold on to, and who preferably have some experience of theatre or events construction to assist with tearing down Null Sector. You’ll need a willingness to get involved in physical labour, and to deal with living on a building site for a few days.

Do not show up early unless cleared by a team lead

Content Team

Content Team Leads

Ahead of the event the content team leads are responsible for making sure there's something to do once you arrive at EMF, organising the talks, workshops, performances and installations around the site. They are responsible for managing the content sub-teams and ensuring that all teams operate smoothly both in the run-up and during the event.

In the run up to the event you should be able to commit to about 20 hours a month, particularly around the CfP opening and closing.

Outreach & Communications

The outreach team researches and gets in touch with people we’d like to speak, bring art, or run workshops. They manage the process of finding & inviting them, working out any needs they have, and handing over to the logistics team to make sure everything is in place.

Music Team Lead / Deputy

Responsible for booking and organising all music at the event, along with artist relations. Artists are sourced both from our Call for Participation, and by direct outreach. This position will be supported by the rest of the Music Team.

This role will need to commit about 10 hours a month ahead of the event to find, contact, and book artists, as well as working with your team.

Music Team

The music team arrange artists to play on the main stages each evening, and DJs for the Cybar dance floor. This year we may also have additional performance spaces.

During the event the music team manage the stages each night, ensuring bands & equipment are transported to stages, bands are looked after, and stage times are adhered to.

While we have sound and lighting technicians available in our stage team, any experience in this area is helpful.

Volunteer Team

Catering Manager

The catering manager will work with the chefs to make sure all the required equipment has been hired or bought ahead of time, organise food deliveries, and manage the kitchen team rota during the event.

This could also be split into two roles if you're unable to commit ahead of time, or don't feel comfortable managing a team.

Tent Team

A new team this year, the Tent Team will be helping people who are new to the event, and particularly those who aren't used to camping.

Camping Gear Librarian

Organise asking for loanable camping gear donations, manage check-in and out of items, and return at end of event. This aims to reduce single-use camping gear purchases and improve the experience for people who don't camp regularly (including several diversity groups).

Site Team

The site team is in charge of getting the power run, water running and tents up.


We need someone to make sure that various pieces of woodwork get done, in previous years this has included the frames for sinks, simple post boxes and pieces of the EMF sign. We need someone who can supply their own tools and is able to be on site early (at least from Friday 27th May, the week before).

Do not show up early unless cleared by a team lead