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List of Villages

Name Description
ECS A village for the lovely people from the University of Southampton. Most of us are students/staff/alumni from ECS (Electronics and Computer Science), but all other faculties and alumni are welcome :)
Termitown Villiage for the Plymouth University computing society alumni Slack.
EMF-IX An Internet Exchange! On site at EMF! Other than providing a local IP/BGP traffic exchange point in the field, EMF-IX is also full of friendly computer networking aligned people hanging out around the exchange.
CuTEL HQ CuTEL are hoping to provide traditional copper telephone services ("POTS") to most of the site, as well as Dial Up internet, BBS access, Faxing and some limited ISDN and ADSL services. If you're into retro telecoms or just want to hang out you're welcome to join us. See the Wiki for more details.
Nottingham Hackspace The Nottingham Hackspace be in a village with morning coffee, snackspace, various events, workshops and talks throughout the weekend, and in the evening run a returning favourite Bar Bot which will mechanically mix cocktails for donations.
Chaos Communication Coven An assembly for a bunch of nerds to camp
Edinburgh Hacklab Edinburgh Hacklab - Members and friends of the lab
Rubber Duck Pub We are the Rubber Duck Pub, a social group of OARC (M0OUK). Our manifesto includes: Being LGBTQ+ Friendly Accepting of others and furries Welcoming of everyone even if they are not in to amateur radio We meet normally on a Zoom call 1st / 3rd Saturday of the month. Due to EMF we will be hosting this from the village Pub and there will be a formal flag raising.
Hardware Hacking Area We're the hardware hacking area. We'll bring a bus that unfolds into a large tent, and hack on hardware under that. We'll have workshops and tools and a bunch of people ready to help and teach. You can learn to solder, learn to build things that blink and/or make noise, and generally have hardware fun.
The Northern Quarter This is the village where Maker Space members (of Newcastle and Gateshead) and friends will be gathering. This year we are big on digital radio and will be bringing cool “hacked” radio equipment to experiment with. There will also be tea. Lots of tea. We are big on tea.
Teesside Hackspace Teesside Hackspace's little village, our first time at EMF Camp, come say hi, talk hackspaces or whatever else.
Art hackers An informal village of art hackers, hardware hackers and general purpose awesome weirdos. All creatures welcome. Organized by @helenleigh
Hacks 'R' Us (domeowners) A loose association of hackers and slackers, wielding beer, laptops, and geodesic domes. We will possibly be attempting to run some kind of meetup or events? Anyway come say hi.
Invisible Dome We will not be building a dome
EMF FM We are planning to set up a radio station to broadcast EMF elated content and music around the campsite.
London Aerospace The increasingly not-London-based drone fanatics group. Drone village go brrrrrrrrrrr.
Disorganisation Few friends from all over the place, specialising in not being organised
Hacking Hamlet It's too small to be a village! Expect lots of lights.
Definitely Not Egg Cult Its not a cult. About Eggs. There might be eggs.
Serious Camp We're Serious
Freeside An international cyberpunk IRC village
MK Makerspace The usual suspects from Milton Keynes and hopefully more. I'm sure something silly will be along besides some Hacky Racers...
NADHack Newbury & district hackspace. A little village for us and our friends.
[Space Space Space Space]
Moose Bunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese).
Guild of Makers @DrLucyRogers' Friends from the Twittersphere.
Amateur Radio Village Amateur Radio nerds in a field
Field-FX Field-FX is a in a tent.
milliways the restaurant at the end of the universe
AMSAT-UK AMSAT-UK represents the amateur satellite community in the UK whose members not only operate amateur satellites but also help to design, build and fund them. At EMF-2022 we will be demonstrating various aspects of the hobby including orbiting and geostationary satellite communications and possibly deep space reception.
The Bitcoin Complex Bitcoin related topics. Onchain & Offchain tech being played with. We will be doing workshops and showing off automation hardware people can play with. See you there.
Unnamed Village A collection of friends that haven't got around to naming a village, so just settled on not naming it.
HacMan Members and friends of Hackspace Manchester
nbsp Being soft is a revolutionary act. A tapestry of transfeminine-leaning internet communities. Formerly known as the Cuddly Catgirl Collective and femcamp.
RoboVillage People who are involved in research on all kinds of intelligent robots, like soccer playing robots, autonomous cars, and various self built robot prototypes.
York Hackspace et al. We are the members of York Hackspace and friends thereof. We're just marking out a space to camp together.
Entertentment 3 A laid back karaoke focused village. We'll start when it gets dark enough for the projector and stop when someone makes us.
Makespace (Cambridge) Makespace Members and Friends. Where we will be, when not else where!
Kraken Cove A Small village for a few Pirates.
Glauca Space (Delete) Home of Glauca Digital, Expect ISO/BSI and RFC complaint shenanigans.
ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED A Group of friends and family across the UK
Maidstone Hackspace Maidstone Hackspace in Kent
Poorly Located Prog (PLP) An erratic collection of makers, burners, goths and hippies from Cambridge here to have a good time and bring chaos and/or prog to EMF.
ADHD Hackers An awesome place to meet ADHD folks. Diagnosed, undiagnosed, someone who loves and cares for a person with ADHD or just curious - everyone is welcome. It’s a great opportunity to share experiences, support each other and hack ADHD!
Motley Crew A group of friends in need of a base to sleep and regroup between activities.
fizzPOP & Lock We are fizzPOP: the Birmingham Makerspace! We will also be hosting the ever-popular lockpicking village inside/adjacent!
SHM Makerspace Nerds in tents living it up (quietly!)
Leeds Hackspace Back once again with even more members. Here to hack, get drunk, and enjoy the talks.
Team Dogsbody Created for employees of Dogsbody Technology to camp together however anyone is welcome! This is our fourth EMF and more staff join us each year. A quiet bunch a techies but friendly and "mostly harmless" :-)
South London Villagespace A temporary detachment of the South London Makerspace! A community focused and Making driven Makerspace in Herne Hill, London. We're running our popular free breakfast - #MakerBreakfast "there's such a thing as a free breakfast (optional chat/bring us something interesting to see)" At South London Maker Village in camping area C from 8 to about 9:30am every morning Also free tea and coffee available all day
Cardiff Hackspace Members of the Cardiff Hackspace! Come and join us on Discord if you want to chat:
East Essex Hackspace East Essex Hackspace members banding together to have a chinwag. If you're in Essex (or beyond) feel free to pop along and meet us.
Content Creators An inclusive village for content creators hosted by James Bruton and Matt Denton: Other YouTubers may be joining us, but anyone is welcome if they consider themselves a content creator. We will have various robots and vehicles on show so pop in for a chat.
What's in the water? A group of ecologists and digital tech nerds go out to discover what’s living in the river and what it means for the environment. We will be using eco-acoustic sensors to record underwater wildlife all weekend (linked to our planned installation).
Shonkbot Mostly Bristol-adjacent people. And Shonkbot-adjacent. And anyone that wants to join us, really. I imagine there will be tinkering with robots and the like.
Flamingo Frontier Here be flamingoes
Habville A village for those with a interest in high altitude ballooning
Roambase Roambase is the home of the EMF Roamer and it's creators. Visit to control the EMF Roamer whilst on site.
Hitchin Hackspace A place for Hitchin Hackspace members and friendlies to meet and commune.
Gothic Valley Residents and associates of London Gothic Valley, Gothic Heights etc
GFTTSTC We are Geeks for Social Change and Trans Tech Tent, two sister groups of trans-led tech initiatives. We mostly just want to camp together, have a chill communal space to hang out, and get to know each other IRL. People in our extended networks welcome to join! (I think the URL field is broken?)
Maths Village A collection of mathematicians and maths communicators, interested in anything mathematical or maths-adjacent. Visit the Maths Village to play with mathematical toys and puzzles, take part in some workshops and activities, and meet other maths fans.
Swon Town We are making a puzzlehunt! We will have an inflatable "swon".
The Awesome Crew A bunch of friends, all looking to camp together and share related projects etc.
Unaffiliated A place primarily for those new to EMF who would like to meet other people in the same boat. If you'd like to join this random selection of people please add your name to the list on the linked wiki page.
Cheltenham Hackspace Cheltenham Hackspace is a member run community workspace, we provide space and tools for our membership to work on their hobbies and interests.
TEST VILLAGE [PLZ IGNORE] Nerds from mainly the Oxfordshire There will be a telescope (weather permitting), a cosplay nerd with electronic head nonsense, and maybe some other stuff depending on The Mood
Brighton and Hove Come join the mid-Sussex crew! All are welcome: misfits, makers, avoiders of West Street.
Frenglish We are a tiny village with more kids than adults and 100% french/english speaking! Looking to be in the family area and to enjoy the event in a relax way from Friday evening onward.
L26 London 2600 folk.
Nuclear Calamity At Nuclear Calamity, we're a group of hackers and makers united by a common interest in electronics and particle physics. We're fascinated by nuclear reactions, radioactivity, high energy radiation, and build detectors and software to detect and observe ionising particles. Preparing for a nuclear apocalypse we're causing ourselves, we're bringing radiation detectors, uranium glass, thorium, and a bunch of other interesting materials. Come have a chat with us about nuclear physics while enjoying a cool glass of ice tea! If you like to get (radio)active, join us in the workshops we're organising: - Build Your Own Geiger Counter: this is an intro level workshop on particle detector physics, as well as an electronics soldering exercise. We will be bringing circuit boards, components, and 100 authentic Soviet era Geiger-Müller tubes! - Hacking Alchemy: Turning Household Materials into Gold: this is an advanced level workshop in nuclear physics, demonstrating the principles of nuclear reactions. We teach you how to build a mini nuclear reactor with household materials and use it to turn ordinary metal into gold!
Butlersaurus A slave for members and friends of the Butlersaurus community to hang out and chat.
RGB Pavilion There will be: - Kits for sale - 1500 servings of coffee - LEDs, Sensors and bits to hack - Raspberry Pi Pico/RP2040 Prodding - Red, Green and Blue Gazebos to augment - Gentle hacking of LED strips, matrices, blinkies - Redundant Reusable Coffee Receptacle Redistribution Come say hi and hang out and maybe learn/share your blinky/micropython/circuitpython knowledge to make blinky things and decorate the pavilion. Bring your surplus, salubrious keepcups so we may clean then and give them to others to use. We can give you coffee bags in return. There is no schedule.
Swansea Hackspace Members of the Swansea Hackspace! Come and join us on Discord if you want to chat:
Holistic Howling Holistic Howling offers both low tech and high tech approaches to bringing sacred howls into your busy life. 1> Notice how you feel. 2> Do a Howl. 3> Notice how you feel. Is there a difference? Now in our 6th year. We have a strictly howling only WhatsApp group. We start spontaneous howls. Each year we have an annual HowlCamp, where we escape into the woods, go on adventures, and chill out around the campfire. When you howl into the abyss, something magical happens if it howls back. Awooo.
The Organ Loft We're a small group of friends, with varied interests, who will be camping together. Though we're also bringing a full-sized church organ console connected to a virtual pipe organ system which people are welcome to try out. (All highly experimental, we've only just finished building it!) There are also rumours of macramé and 90's games consoles, but who knows what will happen!
Minimum Viable Village An amorphous collection of friends and soon-to-be friends that coalesced on the road to EMF. 11 tents containing about 22 people (plus a campervan, which we assume will not be allowed in the village!)
Lucia Network Provider of the Flatland virtual townhouse. Formerly known as The Reckless Engineers.
Apologies In Advance A bunch of gays who therefore need to Apologise In Advance for our presence.
Irish Embassy This is a place for people with a connection to Ireland can hang out during emfcamp. Some of us are from Irish Hackerspaces, we like to collab on projects and LEDs, Green of course. We like three-pin plugs too.
Scottish Consulate Consular work ain’t easy, but thankfully we have Buckfast to quench our thirst at the Consulate's 8TH ANNUAL JUBILEE WORK EVENT This year we are pleased to introduce the Buckfast Space Program, presented in partnership with the People's Union of Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism. Striving to reach the moon's orbit or, failing that, the Ballmer Peak.
West London Hackers A group of hackers from West London and further afield. From movies to your favourite album object based and next-generation audio are changing how we experience sound. The West London Hackers have brought a 7.1.4 system that is managed utilising AoIP to EMF this year. Come visit our village to hear how sound is evolving and chat with us to learn how new intelligent audio formats are changing the landscape and future of audio.
Labman Automation We are a group of engineers who work at Labman by day but like to tinker at night. Happy to talk about all things laboratory automation, what it's like to build robots for a job and general geekiness. We are going to be bringing some toys with us.....if we can get them working in time :-) - Beat the buzzer using a robot arm - The always popular Tequila-bot - A popcorn machine with free popcorn - because who doesn't like popcorn? - 21st Century Lister engine - Telemetry projects - Mind control game - Neopixel games - UR Cobot arm - And anything else we can get our hands on! All welcome. Come by and see us at our village. We can't wait to see everyone. Happy EMF
Furry High Commission The Furry High Commission is the village of the YERF Electronic and Radio Furs (YERF). In general, the village attracts furries looking to attend EMF, socialise with people with similar interests (like radio, electronics and general hackery) and get a bite to eat. If you are a furry, or curious about the furry fandom, then please drop by and say hello. We will have with us an amateur radio station (M0YIP), a social area and a kitchen. Some of our number may also bring fursuits with them - look out for them around EMF! Historically, we've been associated with the Scottish Consulate, and offer cordial relationships with other embassies and missions at EMF. We have a Telex messaging facility and we are also the place from which to borrow pagers.
MVV COPY__NEW FINAL.pdf See Minimum Viable Village. Ingredients: Christmas Dragon + Pride Flag
CSV Soundsystem Comma separated village
The Bomb Container A terrorist organization has planted a bomb in the null-sector, which will detonate soon. Can you team-up and help us defuse the bomb together to save the camp? Start the game with the correct color sequence and finish all the puzzles within the 60 minute countdown to defuse the bomb before it detonates. 2-6 players recommended 60 - 90 minutes playtime Call 3336 to reserve a time slot.
Hackspace Foundation
Null Sector SEM Thanks to everyone who came to look at the SEM. It's part of an educational project called the Hitachi Inspire STEM education programme. We have two SEMs which we loan to schools for a term at a time (4-6 weeks). The project is a collaboration between the NHM, The Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford Instruments and The Institute for Research In Schools. Over the past 2 years over 6500 children from more than 50 schools have used the programme and have delivered more than 800 individual research projects using the SEMs. We've also trained over 100 teachers in electron microscopy. If you know anyone who might want the SEM at their school, please contact me at Alex Ball and I'd be happy to let them know more about the programme and how it works.