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List of Villages

Name Description
Milliways Milliways is a large collective of individuals who cook food and leak whisky at hacker camps.
Hardware Hacking Area The Hardware Hacking Area is a large area with tables and chairs and tools for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in making all sorts of physical things. We do lots of soldering and teach people how to build things. We have a large number of workshops for everyone throughout the camp. We often have 2 or 3 workshops running at the same time, and we have a very large number of soldering irons, well-lit working spaces, and seating for 96 current and aspiring hardware hackers. The Hardware Hacking Area was known as Belgian Embassy at previous events.
Freeside Sub-assembly/best friends with Milliways. Freeside is a loose conglomerate of hackers from around the globe. Cyberpunks, Stirner enthusiasts, beer drinkers, hedgehog admirers, and victims of the programming language Go.
Welsh Consulate A home for hackers from Wales (and other, visas available) Twitter: @ConsulateWales Website:
Dome Owners Association 3 IKEA Domes (, Hosting talks and the 2020 EMF-IX All numbers currently submitted are rough
Edinburgh Hacklab Edinburgh Hacklab and friends
Scottish Consulate We’re a travelling hacker collective from Scotland who represent ourselves and our country at events round the world. We aim to provide a chilled out, primarily social workspace in the mania of hacker camps and conferences for people to visit, stay, contribute to and share.
AMSAT AMSAT-UK represents the amateur satellite community in the UK whose members not only operate amateur satellites but also help to design, build and fund them.
Sheffield Hackspace A welcoming village with communal space to sit and chat to Hackspace members
ECS A village for the lovely people from The University of Southampton and Friends.
UTCR.Live We're a school radio station from Reading. For one weekend only, we're packing up everything and moving up to EMF. We will be broadcasting throughout EMF and looking to interview and feature many guests on our show.
Amateur Radio Village A selection of friendly amateur radio nerds who would love to demonstrate radio related things to you. Planning is happening at
Nottinghack Nottinghack village will be open all day with exhibits from members such as CnC machining, stop motion animation and robot football, as well as Snackspace for sweets and treats. There will also be workshops on a variety of crafting, woodworking and electronics themes by Nottinghack members for both kids and adults - keep an eye on our schedule. We'll host board games as well, and in the evening the Nottinghack Barbot will make cocktails and mocktails along with Joust tournaments.
London Aerospace A village for all things drone-related: fixed wing and multirotor. Visitors welcome and we're always happy to answer any questions you may have about machines with whirling blades of death.
Orange Town The Dutch. Think Revspace, Hackalot, Bitlair and other hackerspaces, think
The Hacking Hamlet Too small to be a village.
Enter-TENT-ment The karaoke village! When the sun goes down, we will be rocking the mics. There's no obligation to take a mic yourself - sing along as part of the crown! This is collaborative style karaoke!
The Coven The Coven is a loose collection of hackers, makers, artists and queer folk looking for a place to call home. We're planning on hosting some very small events as well as curating art for a chill space for hackers to rest and relax
Motley Crew A random collection of people who know each other. Strong likelihood that we will be talking about government, politics, techology, infosec and fortnite around the campfire.
Maths Village The Maths Village will be a place for anyone who wants to come and do maths, solve puzzles or play games. We'll have a gallery of hands-on interactive maths toys, with workshops and craft sessions throughout the weekend.
Swonton We are (the extended family of) the team that build the 2018 EMF Puzzlehunt! We're building another immersive treasure-hunt-escape-room for 2020. Drop by and offer tribute to our pet swon.