Exploring the hidden plumbing of the polar regions using wireless instruments

Talk by Mike Prior-Jones & Liz Bagshaw (Mike: he/him. Liz: she/her) 👩‍👦

Saturday from 1:10 PM - 1:40 PM in Stage B

We’d like to take you on a journey to the polar regions. We’ll show you how the polar ice sheets have a crucial role in the workings of our planet, and how they are at risk of rapid changes that will affect people all over the world. We’ll introduce you to the fascinating science of glaciology – how we study ice and try and predict how it will change in the future. We’ll demonstrate our research work on understanding this hidden environment. We create new methods for measuring how ice is changing: we design and deploy wireless electronic instruments that can measure conditions underneath deep ice to detect melting. These instruments communicate wirelessly through the ice so that we can investigate what’s going on under the ice in real time. The talk will be presented by glaciologists from a UK university who have spent over 36 months in the polar regions, predominantly in Antarctica and Greenland. We’ve lived in tents in temperatures below -25 degrees, and have weathered the difficulties of getting electronics to work in the cold. We’ll share our experiences and love of cold places. For the more technical members of the EMFCamp audience, we will also give an overview of how we designed the instruments and talk about our future plans to create an open-source hardware community in glaciology and hydrology. We hope to include a live demo of one of the instruments.

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