Sense without sight - TALK

Friday 16:15–17:15 in Sai's Tent - Center area between Arcade, Lounge, Outdoor Lounge, & Stage C

Learn what it's like to see the world without using your eyes. This is from a blind perspective, but not solely. The vast majority of the cues discussed are sensory input that you already have, and you simply don’t realize or pay attention to. Hopefully you'll come away from the talk not just more informed about what walking around actually is like for blind people, but with a noticeable qualitative improvement in how you perceive the world around you. This will also (briefly) cover how and how not to interact with a blind person on the street, cognitive shifts from perceiving the world as a blind person, real vs myth difficulties, etc. This talk is specifically focused on navigation and sensory experience. It won't cover Braille, computers, general life skills, medical/legal issues, or the like. The talk will try to cover as much as can be done without direct experience. However, there's a huge qualitative difference between simply hearing me talk about it (or show you), and experiencing it for yourself. Therefore, I am also running hands-on, 1-hour workshops (2 per day). Workshop participants will be blindfolded, given a guide cane, and led through a crash course in how to use and perceive the cues that are discussed in the talk, and an additional Q&A / debriefing session afterwards. This starts from simply walking parallel to a road, and quickly escalates to hearing corridors, feeling walls at a (short) distance, etc. If you're interested, please fill out the form:

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