CANCELED!!!!!! Geiger Counter Radiation Detectors

Sunday 16:00–19:00 in Hardware Hacking Area

THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELED! (blame Ukrainian post) Sorry! Radioactivity is as fascinating as it is frightening because humans cannot sense it, and it can be dangerous in high doses. In this workshop, Yannick Verbelen from the University of Bristol introduces radioactivity and ionizing radiation detection principles on a level suitable for all ages. After a brief introduction, participants build their own radiation detector based on a Soviet era SBM-20 Geiger-Müller tube, and test it by measuring various radioactive materials. Basic soldering skills and understanding of electronics are recommended but not necessary. Following this workshop does not guarantee mutations, superpowers, or survival. Children younger than 12 should be accompanied by adults. THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELED! (blame Ukrainian post) Sorry!

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