Designing and building your own accessibility accessories (workshop)

Saturday 11:30–13:30 in Hardware Hacking Area

I'm a wheelchair user that was unhappy with how wheelchair accessories are expensive, boring, clinical, and not fit for purpose. My partner and I built some custom wheelchair accessories together and modified existing products for our own use, and would like to teach others to do the same. We think that people with additional requirements should have the same access to technology as everyone else and people in wheelchairs and users of accessibility equipment should be seen and be seen with. We want accessible designs to be modern, funky and useful. The accessible pixel modules are programmable coloured LED strips used as indicators, illumination, and decoration of a wheelchair, accessibility accessory, backpack or anything you might think of. powered with a 5 volt powerbank and connected to a convenient control panel. They are designed to adapt to a user’s needs. This is a workshop for other wheelchair users and their friends where they have the opportunity to make their own accessible pixel modules and also design and build their own accessories. We will bring kits for people to purchase and build their first accessible pixel module and provide a list of parts should they wish to build more on their own. We will also have parts and tools available for prototyping other accessories. We will show the basics of writing code for Arduino and how to create a finished product adapted to your needs. We will also cover basic soldering techniques and open a discussion around what other people with additional requirements need and how they can solve their own problems by creating technology. Attending this workshop will cost £20 per kit (10 Spaces Available) Suitable age range Any, but with parents if under 13 Attendees should bring Laptop (preferable)

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